Functional Fun in C#

I was in Amsterdam yesterday and did a talk for the dotNed user group on functional programming in C#. It’s always a great topic to talk about, and as usual everybody was very interested. We spent a bit more time on the Parallel Extensions than I was anticipating – the main reason I even start explaining Parallel Extensions is that I want to point out where their functionality ends – but that was fine. I think I was able to answer a bunch of questions on that, which is always a good thing.

A few of the guys were very happy about DevExpress and didn’t hesitate to say so either 😃 (And no, this doesn’t mean that everybody else was horribly unhappy about DevExpress, the “others” just didn’t say anything on the topic. 😃) Especially the Windows Forms controls were mentioned as being fantastically stable and feature rich, with brilliant documentation. Always nice to hear that!

Thanks to all the great people in Amsterdam for having me there!

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