Cross Tables in Windows Forms - Data Binding Magic

I have this sample from a recent talk at Basta! conference in Germany, which shows (among other things) how to bind a cross table to a DataGridView (the standard .NET 2 data grid). A cross table is basically the result of transposing some data and using one of the fields for a second dimension.

The sample I have works on two tables of data. It doesn’t actually use a database and the reference that points from the list of votes to that of features is implemented as an object reference, but the relationship is like this:

Now, let’s assume there’s this data in the two tables/lists:


1Synthesize out-of-the-box supply-chains
2Syndicate vertical mindshare



In a cross table the same data could look like this:

Synthesize out-of-the-box supply-chains304070
Syndicate vertical mindshare706030

This is exactly the kind of transformation demonstrated in my sample. Now, there are a number of other things in that program, so don’t be confused. I suggest you focus on the workings of the VoteValuePropertyDescriptor class.

Here’s the download:

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