My F# talk on Channel 9

When I was at DevDays in The Hague last month, all my talks were recorded. Until now I wasn’t aware that something was actually going to happen with these recordings 🙂 Now the first one of them has been published on Channel 9, here:

I’m wondering if my FP in C# talk will also be published – while I was there, that one seemed to be the most popular one I did. I’ll ask!

Update: Apparently all presentations will be posted there, but it takes some time. Okay, let’s wait 🙂

4 Comments on My F# talk on Channel 9

  1. Do you have the code and slides for your excellent presentation?


  2. Hi Tony,

    Yeah – in fact, if you’re looking at the main page of my blog, they are listed right underneath this post! Here’s a direct link though:

    Have fun!


  3. Vamper Attila // June 25, 2009 at 1:15 pm // Reply

    Hi Oliver !

    Your other DD09 presentation-video will be published here ? like “FP in C#” or “FP in F#” ?



  4. Hi Attila,

    Yeah – as I said in the post <g>, apparently all the talks are going to be published. I don’t know when though! When I hear about it, I’ll post to my blog again and let you know.



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