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For my Expert XPO class [LINK REMOVED], I have now announced the location: the Novotel London West in Hammersmith, London, UK. Early Bird pricing is available now [LINK REMOVED]!

This is the European training class on DevExpress XPO for 2011 – if you use XPO, or consider using it, be there!

My class Business Apps with DXperience ASP.NET [LINK REMOVED] takes place in the Netherlands ten days from now, and today I found that I still have an MSDN Subscription to give away. Sorry, a Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN, that’s what it seems to be called these days. Apparently the subscription will expire at the end of the year, so I can’t keep it any longer. The training class comes to mind as the just-around-the-corner event perfect to give this away, so I thought I’d do a raffle with the attendees there! Of course, if you haven’t signed up yet, you still can.

I just decided to give the go-ahead for my DevExpress DXperience ASP.NET training class [LINK REMOVED], which takes place November 29-30 2010 in Egmond an Zee in the Netherlands. The group is only just large enough this time though, so here’s a shout-out for people interested in the topic! I still have seats available – sign up [LINK REMOVED] and tell your friends [LINK REMOVED].

In a comment [LINK REMOVED] to my recent blog post about my upcoming Expert XPO training class [LINK REMOVED], Michael Proctor, an old acquaintance from DevExpress days, asked me whether I would consider running similar classes online. In his words:

This looks great, there has been a few of your courses that would be great to attend however there is a big bloody ocean in the way. Have you ever consider running a second online version of the course to increase your market? I’m not saying run a massive webinar where it is impersonal, do the same as your classes except over something like live meeting. I’m not sure how your course is structured but if you are a whiteboard fan like myself I have found a decent sized pen tablet Intuos Large or Extra Large is a great whiteboard substitute. I can tell you that I know of a couple of people here in Australia that have asked about if there are any courses on XPO and unfortunately nope. I reckon you would fill the seats bloody quick for online delivery too, and obviously your costs would most likely be less as you don’t have the expense of a conference room etc.

The first ever public training class for DevExpress XPO is now available! Click here to see all the details! [LINK REMOVED]

January 27-28 2011 are the dates, the location will be London, UK (details will be announced as soons as possible), and sign-up is open right now [LINK REMOVED] with an early-bird discount available until November 30 2010.

I have just opened registrations for a new training class in January 2011: Business Apps with DXperience Silverlight. You can find all the details here [LINK REMOVED], with the exception of the location unfortunately – I’m working on that! I have ideas, but if you have certain preferences for the location, be sure to let me know! Signing up is possible [LINK REMOVED] right now, and if you do so before November 30 2010, you can take advantage of an early bird discount.

Here’s the summary text for the class content:

Yesterday, the Software&Support Group announced a new event that I helped set up for December 2010. It’s a three-day training camp on all things C#. Christian Nagel, Rainer Stropek and myself will try to tell you all we know about the language, as well as lots of best practices surrounding its use. The event will take place December 8-10 2010 in Munich, Germany, in the NH Hotel Neue Messe. There are early-bird prices available until November 5, and other discounts when you register several people at once. Just follow this link to the site and check it out!

More good news: for the three DevExpress product training classes [LINK REMOVED] that I announced earlier this month, I have extended the early-bird signup period to August 31 2010. I got several emails from people who thought the period was a bit too short for their liking, seeing how it’s vacation time and their bosses aren’t there and so on… okay, I can see that. And since the dates are only in October, it seemed like a good move to give people more time. In turn – all of you sign up, okay? 😃

Good news: the locations for both the DXperience Silverlight [LINK REMOVED] and the DXperience ASP.NET [LINK REMOVED] training classes that I have announced for later this year are now fixed. (If you don’t know what DXperience is, but you are a .NET programmer, I suggest you go check out DevExpress’ brilliant component suites here!) I got to say, it was easy to do them both at once, because they’re in the same place:

I have just announced three new classes from my “Business Apps with DevExpress” series – Windows Forms, ASP.NET and Silverlight! You can find all the details here: Special early-bird pricing for all three classes is available until July 31st, so hurry and sign up!