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So I installed two of the three VPNs I need on my Vista machine. First: isn’t there a proper UI somewhere to connect to networks? I hate that stupid “Connect to a network” window… The UI is horrible. I have to scroll up and down like crazy to get past the list of available wireless networks alone, while each of the entries takes up far too much place. Sure, I can switch over to “Dial-up and VPN”, but that setting isn’t remembered, so I have to switch over again each time I open the window. Right, did I mention that window closes on me all the time? Created a new connection? The window is gone. Connected to a network? Window gone again. Getting the window back needs two clicks on the tiny system tray icon and the context menu entry, plus a search through the stupid list. I want my normal “network connections” window from XP back! Maybe that’s not intuitive to the weekend Windows user, but I don’t care.

Update: I found it – the old network connections window is still available, only not as easy or intuitive to get to as it previously was. Doesn’t change anything about that peculiarity described under “Fourth” below…

This must be one of the stupidest messages in Visual Studio – how glad I am they kept it on board for 2005!

I’m sure there was nothing they could possibly have done to prevent that.