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I was fighting some problems with SlickRun for a while after installing 64 bit Vista on my machine recently. I noticed issues with powershell (SlickRun was always running the 32 bit version of it, even though the path explicitely specified the 64 bit version), and when I wanted to create a command to run SnippingTool, it turned out to be impossible… there are some very weird things going on in 64 bit Windows.

For example, Explorer shows me SnippingTool.exe in c:\windows\system32 (system32? Go figure), while my 32 bit Altap Salamander doesn’t show the same file in that location. In SlickRun it was equally impossible to configure my command to use that path, and when I tried to use the path to the start menu .lnk file instead, SlickRun’s path completion feature actually showed the .lnk file, but running it was still impossible. After a little search, I found this forum post here, which describes an option for 64 bit systems. Quoting (I don’t trust forum content to be there when I go back later):

I had the weirdest problem a moment ago and I found a solution that I thought I’d document for myself and anybody else who sees that issue. I was trying to use Abode Lightroom to import a bunch of pictures from my camera. I was going to have the pictures copied to a folder on a network drive. Lightroom uses a folder selection dialog to browse for the right folder. When I clicked on the entry “Computer” in the hierarchy, this dialog popped up (actually it took a little while to come up, for some reason):

Just came across this, and I thought I’d document it for myself and others. I was trying to install SnagIt on a newly installed Vista system and every time the installation just stopped right after the first wizard page, giving me a “Fatal Error Message” with the detail information “Installation ended prematurely because of an error.” I had already installed Camtasia before SnagIt, so I thought this was rather weird - seemed like if the installer worked for one of the products, it should work for the other just as well.

I searched the TechSmith forums and quickly found a link to a page where they already describe a solution to the problem. Now, the funny thing is that I already knew about that problem, having encountered in recently when installing the BlackBerry desktop on Vista, and I had already applied the solution on that machine. Well, I did the regsvr32 ... step once more, and it seemed to work – I was able to run the wizard and get past the point where it had previously stopped working. A few pages later is where the license key is requested, and I had to tab over to another app to find where I had stored the email with the key, and open it in an editor. I copied the license key, pasted it back in the SnagIt installation wizard, clicked Next, and … I got the same Fatal Error message once more. Looks like somehow the VBScript runtime got unregistered on my system while I was looking for the license key.

I have previously written about this, and today I’ve had occasion to set up another server. I found out some details doing that, so I thought I’d post an update (as much for my own benefit in case I need to do it again, as for anybody else’s). So, last time I had been wondering about the problems I saw with the SVNService – basically it didn’t seem to be included in the package. After I had finished the whole process, I had had the idea that maybe the problem was a result of the fact that I skipped repository generation. So this time I just went ahead and had a repository created, even though I didn’t really need one. And that step had the expected result: the SVNService was up and running immediately. I went on to copy my SNVService.exe.config from my previous installation and restarted the service.

Expecting to be able to connect to the service now, I was disappointed – it just didn’t work, without any useful error message. After some clicking around in the TortoiseSVN repo-browser, I found that I had access to the new dummy repository I had created, but not to my own one. The path was also wrong – apparently the repository root pointed into the repository directory, instead of the level above the repository (which is essential if you want to access more than one repository). It became evident that my config file was not being read.

Just upgraded BlogJet to version 2. Just looking at the application is quite a treat now – it’s just really pretty. At a glance, they also added made some important changes, like the fact that I can now switch between various blogs in the toolbar, as opposed to basically restarting the application like they did before. Gives me more confidence in the application, somehow.

At the same time, some important features I have requested in the past appear to be still missing. I’ll have to look up the details of my requests, but one thing I still can’t find is a way to add my own tags around elements… for instance, I have a custom tag for formatted code that I like to use, and it would be great to add it to a menu or use a keyboard shortcut for it instead of having to remember what it looks like and type it in manually. Seems like a very natural feature to me…

Scott Hanselman recently blogged about speech recognition in Windows Vista and so I went to try it myself.  In general, the results are good.  Throughout the process, I had a number of problems and so I’m not yet sure that I can dictate faster than I can type.

  • In  the initial configuration wizzard, there was a problem with the volume of my microphone.  Windows thought it could not understand me and showed the following funny window:

Some will probably say I’ve been under a rock, but I hadn’t heard of this before. jk pointed me to OpenPandora today and so I had a look at the underlying Pandora service and I totally love it! On a different note, I wouldn’t be surprised if that OpenPandora project had some problems coming, as it gets rid of all the ad sponsoring that the free service normally brings. Definitely worth a look if you like listening to music on your computer. And they also interface with the Squeezebox

Wow, it’s read-the-forums day for me today. I burnt an ISO image on a DVD, and for some reason apparently I forgot to finalize the disc…

Let me mention this right here: I’m one of those people who use their DVD burner sporadically, and I manage easily to forget every time about details like finalizaton – am I supposed to do it? Shouldn’t the disc be usable if I don’t do? I know I can leave it open if I want to add something, but that doesn’t make sense if the disc is then not usable, does it? Well well… I just don’t care enough to be able to remember next time, I know that now already.

I forget about this every time and have to search the net again for the info: since Outlook 2000 there have been certain file types that can’t be opened or saved by default when they arrive attached to an email. If such attachments are encountered, Outlook shows the following message: “Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments”. Everything you need to know to change this is on this Microsoft KB page, and it even works with Outlook 2007.

Two things I don’t really like about Firefox 2.0 RC: the tabs each have a close button now, and when I open a large number of them in one window, I need to scroll right and left to see them all (sure, I can also use that tab list menu, but that’s yet another metaphor for working with tabs).

I understand the reasoning behind these new features, but I just don’t like them – sometimes I want to close a bunch of tabs at the same time, and now I need to hunt for each of the close buttons with the mouse instead of just clicking ten times in one location. I’ve started using Ctrl+F4 instead, which works, but it solves a problem I wouldn’t even be having were it not for this change. The scrolling tabs thing is similar – I see that tabs used to get extremely narrow after a while, but I’d rather have that than having to scroll to see them all.