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Great post by Matthew Baldwin, via KC Lemson’s post. Like Matthew says: If you don’t get this joke, consider yourself lucky that you’re not as big a nerd as the people who do.

Quite an unbelievable bit of poetry, paired with a really useful warning. Funny! I Ate iPod Shuffle

<RANT> Every now and then I want to search for a phrase (or a word) that includes special characters. Nothing fancy, maybe not more than a . (dot) in the “wrong” place. “.NET” comes to mind, or recently, “.Text”. The exact phrase search facilities of the various search engines come to mind quickly… but they don’t work. Why is it that Google as well as MSN Search (and probably others) seem to be unwilling to implement a proper exact phrase search that really searches for the phrase entered? Don’t they know about these problems? Don’t they know that there are search phrases containing dots? I have no explanation. </RANT>