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Next week I’ll be in Mainz, Germany for Basta! Conference, the largest .NET event over there. Just like the past few years, I have been the Advisory Board member responsible for the C# Days. These are Tuesday and Wednesday, and I’m sure they’ll be great again. DevExpress are exhibiting at Basta!, and on each of the three main conference days (that’s Tuesday to Thursday), I will be at their booth at 1:30pm (13:30 for the Germanys 😃) to do a bit of a product presentation and, perhaps more importantly, give away licenses for DevExpress software! They’ve got their own blog post up about this event, here.

Last week I was at NRW Conf 2010 in Wuppertal, Germany. I did a workshop on Thursday and a session on Friday, and otherwise had a great time with everybody there! A special Thank You to the attendees of my sessions, I hope you enjoyed yourselves (at least) as much as I did! Here are zip files with the slides and samples of my workshop and my session:

See, I knew I would forget! Thanks for the reminder, Phil, and apologies to everybody – I promised to upload everything after the user group meeting, but I forgot. So here you go:

Taking efficiency one step further -- F#

Another great event on Friday last week: dotnet Cologne. I’d never been there before because the schedule never seemed to fit. It was great fun, lots of people, and I did two talks on FP in C# which went very well. Thank you to everybody who was there! Here are the files for my talks:

I’m done! I had two presentations at NTK in Slovenia this year, on “dynamic” in C# 4.0, and the opposite end about creating dynamic APIs in C# using the DLR integration in .NET 4.0. It went very well – my rooms were not huge, but they were packed for both talks. I have to say that NTK is a fun conference, and I hope I did my part for a good quality level of technical content. If you were there, thank you for attending! Here are the slides and samples from my two talks:

This time here are downloads of my slides and samples before the conference even takes place. In fact, they are up here although I’m not going to make it to the conference. It’s the ash… my hopes that my travel plans today would work out came to nothing, and unfortunately Croatia is a bit too far away from Scotland to just quickly drive down – especially considering the state of bookings with trains, hotels, ferries etc everywhere else! Meanwhile, the organizers at WinDays are of course extremely busy trying to find replacements for everybody and run a conference in spite of all the drop-outs. I wish them the best of luck, and the attendees a few days of great technical content! I hope I’ll be able to make it next year! Here are my slides and samples now, I hope you have a good time reading them and playing around with the code.

Here are the slides and samples from my talk Functional Programming in .NET:

On April 13th, during Microsoft’s inaugural UK TechDays event, I’ll be speaking for the Edge UG at the main Fulham Broadway venue. This is part of what Microsoft call the Fringe events, community hosted events that complement the main Developer and IT Pro days. I will be speaking about functional programming on the .NET platform, using both the C# and the F# languages. Here’s the abstract for this talk:

Last week I was down in London and spoke at DevWeek 2010. As usual, it was a great conference! Thanks to everybody who attended my talks! I promised to put up my slides and samples – my apologies, it didn’t work out earlier. Here’s everything you need:

Busy times at Basta in Germany: one workshop and one session down, two sessions and my brilliant game show to go! Since the conference organizers typically take a little while to make the materials available themselves – hundreds of sessions, so that’s to be expected – here are the downloads for all my sessions here. I hope you’ll still come in and take a look 😃