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I actually forgot to mention this so far: my session Designing a model based application architecture has been accepted for DDD day 3. I’m not sure what the status of public announcements is for the guys organizing everything around DDD (and I can’t look right now because my internet provider has a few problems this morning), so I’m just going to point you to my own earlier post for the session description.

Session proposals for Developer Developer Developer day 3 are closed and voting has been opened today. Be sure to put your check marks in the right places if you want to see any of the sessions I submitted! By the looks of it there are loads of interesting things to see on the day, so I recommend everybody should definitely take the time to cast his/her vote and of course to be there!

Just passing this on – there’s additional detail available now on the homepage of the Developer Developer Developer project about the organization for day 3. Most importantly, if you’re planning to speak there, you must have your session proposal in until March 17th. Other dates are  the session voting period from March 17th to April 7th, notification of the speakers until April 14th, publishing of the agenda on May 1st and opening of the registration on May 2nd.

DDD day 3 is on June 3rd, 2006, and last time there I promised I would submit a session proposal myself this time. Here are the two proposals I just put in – I hope they’re not so specific that nobody likes them 😃

Refactoring made easy with Refactor!

Great news: Apparently I wasn’t the only one to complain about the previous target date on June 10th. Now the event has been moved to June 3rd instead, one week earlier. So now I’ll have to think about the session I’m going to suggest. I’ll see how it goes…

It’s on June 10th, once more in Reading. Read all about it here. I think this date is a very bad idea, because it’s the Saturday right before TechEd 2006 in Boston starts. I don’t know whether I’ll be going to Boston or not, but I’m sure this will reduce the number of participants and potential speakers vastly. I was planning to suggest a talk for DDD day 3, but now this won’t be possible for me in case I’m going to be at TechEd. Oh well.

Well, if I’m wondering about that every now and then, I’m sure some of the more loyal readers of my blog must be wondering the same thing, given the sparse nature of blog updates in recent months. The answer is, since I’ve started working for Developer Express, I’ve been doing that many different things that it’s just hard to keep track of them, and I haven’t found myself with the free time needed to continually update my blog. But I see that this is a Bad Thing and I’ll try to do something about it. So what have I done? Let’s see:

  • I’ve worked on concepts, testing, samples and documentation of eXpressApp Framework, which was made available as a CTP on January 12th. Since then we’ve been getting great feedback from our subscribers (who have access to the CTP) and I’ve spent a lot of time investigating issues, exchanging posts with customers and coordinating things with our development teams. Obviously development has continued since we released the CTP version, so even more plans to be made…
  • Since the beta of XPO 2 came out, I’ve spent a lot of time with customers testing this product, and also with internal discussions about the final feature set, some article writing, sample explaining, … As with eXpressApp Framework, feedback has been great and we’ll be able to make the final product a lot better even than the beta was. Just recently I wrote a DXCore plugin to support XPO 2 in the final release… I hope that feature will actually make it. And no, I’m not telling what it is 😃
    • Obviously XPO 2 is an important base of eXpressApp Framework, so we need to be careful to coordinate things between these two projects.
  • XtraCharts and the XtraLayout control have also been released into their beta phases and I’ve done some testing on these releases. Specifically XtraLayout is another important component in the Windows Forms part of eXpressApp Framework.
  • I created a DXCore plugin that can store my Window/Tool Window configuration in VS and restore it later - very nice to work with multiple window configurations. For example, on my multi-monitor setup I typically use VS stretched over two of the three screens. But when I just want to edit some XML, I like to have the window on only one screen and get rid of most of the tool windows I normally use.
    • I offered making this plugin available in the DXCore plugins newsgroup, but as I got only one reply to that post, I haven’t taken the time yet to actually do this. Drop me a mail if you want to vote for having this plugin available as a download 😃
    • I’m currently working on a DXCore plugin that will let me ink on my VS editor with my Tablet PC.

Developer Developer Developer day 2 was yesterday and it was fantastic. I met a bunch of people there and at the geek dinner afterwards. If you were there and we didn’t meet, bad luck… I’m sure we’ll manage next time - or you could just drop me a line. Anyway, don’t forget to leave your feedback about the event!

I’ll be at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Day 2 and also at the geek dinner that’ll hopefully take place afterwards. If you can make it to Reading on the 22nd of October, make sure you sign up! Session voting is now open and there’s a Taxi/Car sharing wiki available for those who don’t know how to get there or want company on the way.

I’ve been to my first London .NET User Group meeting yesterday, and it was good. People were friendly, sessions were interesting and everything was well organised. I can only recommend this to everybody who hasn’t been there yet!