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OpenVPN connection

The VPN setup pages in Chrome OS appear to support OpenVPN. ProtonVPN also supports OpenVPN connections, and configuration files are available for download. However, it turns out that OpenVPN doesn’t actually work with Chromebooks quite as easily as it should – long discussions are easily found, solutions not so much. One of the main issues is that the visual configuration dialogs don’t support all the options OpenVPN offers, and which are used by configuration files such as those supplied by ProtonVPN and other VPN providers. The Chromium project has its own format called ONC, but OpenVPN configuration files end in .ovpn.

Isn’t it strange how things always go wrong all at the same time? I’m fighting a weird issue right now, which started this morning: my Mac suddenly seems to freeze and react to UI events only infrequently. I think I tracked this down to something odd with the network connection, but I don’t have a final solution to this yet. Right now I think it might have been an ongoing TimeMachine backup that I recently reactivated. But for the time being, I’m also running without the Web Protection features in Eset Antivirus – will see what happens.

Meanwhile, I’d been planning to change my network setup to an Airport Extreme for a little while, because I read that this might help solve issues I was having with my Virgin broadband line. That line, when first connected, delivered ~150Mbit/s as it should, but then it somehow stopped doing that after a while for no obvious reason. I upgraded to 200Mbit/s at some point later, but still received rather mediocre 65Mbit/s and nothing more. I was using the Virgin Super Hub 2ac and that was occasionally giving me trouble anyway, requiring restarts and generally being sluggish in the admin frontend. Now, the first thing that happenend when I decided to get on with it and switch the Super Hub to Modem Mode for connection to the Airport Extreme was that I couldn’t access the admin frontend at all anymore. I googled around for a while and I found that others have similar issues, but most items were a few years old and some pertained to older model Super Hubs. I tried restarting and factory resetting the Hub, but to no avail. Hm. The problem I was seeing was that when I tried to access the admin page, the GET request result appeared to be completely empty.