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It just arrived in my inbox: my tenth MVP award. It’s been a whole decade – unbelievable, I feel old now. In spite of my frequent biting criticism, Microsoft has decided to re-award me. I appreciate that very much and I’m glad I’m still able to make a recognizable contribution to the community. I like Microsoft technology, especially from the programmer’s point of view, and I’ve had a chance over the years to get to know many of the brilliant people who work for Microsoft and keep that technology alive. Thank you! And here’s a shout-out to Ian Cooper, who suggested me for my first award back in 2006!

Granted, I’m a bit late mentioning this, but I still want to do it. Microsoft gave me another MVP award in the C# category on April 1st. I’m honored – thank you very much, Microsoft, and the various people involved.

As usual, I hope to find the time one day to do a bit more blogging than I’ve done in the last year or so. At least I am finding time to do a lot of speaking at user groups and events. If I haven’t been at your group and you would like me to, feel free to contact me!