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I just realized that I haven’t actually blogged about this: the ASP.NET product training for DevExpress that I’m doing! The reason I forgot is that I’ve been extremely busy preparing all the content and all that – a work in progress for a long time now, but still a surprisingly great effort to get done. Monday is the first training class in Leeuwenhorst in the Netherlands. Title: Business Applications with DXperience ASP.NET. When we first announced this (we’re partnering with John Martin’s Professional Developer Training) for the European events, the class sold out within a few days, so we decided immediately to put up more classes. We announced four dates for January (and early February) 2010, and now we’re getting close to the point where the early bird registration timeframe runs out: until November 26th, you save €100! So if you’re interested, follow this link to John’s site, where you can find all the info and even sign up (hint!). Even if you don’t want to come to the training classes, watch this space as well as my DevExpress blog for announcements of the roadshow afternoons that we’re going to do in Frankfurt and Paris.

The first European DevExpress training I announced recently was booked out so fast, it was almost unbelievable… so we set up a few more! We’re going to be in London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Paris early next year. Find the announcements here, or go directly to the detail page with the option to sign up. If the first class is any indication, seats may go quickly. There’s also an early-bird offer until November 26th, so better not leave it too long!

I was tempted to call it a roundtrip like before, but that’s not really what it is on the map. Starting on September 17th, I’ll be on my way to several events in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. As usual, I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people – if you’re in the vicinity of any of my stops and want to meet up, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

I’m leaving tomorrow for a little roundtrip. First, on Friday, I’m doing a guest lecture about Functional Programming in C# at Campus 02 in Graz, Austria. From there I’m moving on to Slovenia (on Saturday, May 23rd), for NT Konferenca 2009. I’ll be doing two sessions there, on C# as well as F#. I’m also exhibiting for DevExpress – but of course, DevExpress related questions and conversations are always welcome anyway!

If you’re a developer, you know the feeling - and if you’re not, I’m sure you can imagine it: you have just written the most amazing little piece of code, and nobody is there to kiss your feet, praise some deity for your existence and generally worship you in the way you deserve. I set out to solve this problem by creating a DXCore plugin for Visual Studio. DXCore is a fantastic product to help you bring round Visual Studio to your point of view, in this case by making it a substitute worshipper of your computer programming intellect. With this plugin installed, every time you build a project successfully, Visual Studio will sing your praise, perhaps like this:

Developer Express have won each of the 8 (eight!!) categories we entered for this year’s asp.netPRO Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards. Wow!

The categories we entered were Best Add-in, Best Charting and Graphics Tool, Best Component Set, Best Grid, Best Navigation Suite, Best Online Editor, Best Printing/Reporting Tool and Best Scheduling/Calendar Tool. Our overall package DXperience was also named Product of the Year. Look here for more info, the official thank-you to everybody and a few words from Julian.

I’m going to be in Galway, Cork and Dublin next week.

In Galway, I’ll do a WPF session for GMIT students on Monday afternoon, and Functional Programming in C# 3.0 in the evening at GAMTUG. If you want to be there, follow this link for all the details! On Tuesday I’m going to be in Cork, delivering a WPF session again. Here’s the link for that one – hope to see you there as well! The video is actually about my WPF introduction, but if there’s enough time, I might well do the longer WPF in business applications talk instead. We’ll see.

For the last two years, the majority of my time has been spent on this project, and now it’s out the door. 'Nuff said.

If you do business applications and you haven’t seen it, go have a look immediately. If you’ve seen it before, have another look - it’s changed a lot recently, especially from the usability point of view. Here’s the announcement, Ray’s blog post about the new Universial SKU of DXperience, here’s lots more information and here’s a trial download. Merry Christmas!

October 17th and 18th this year, the VBUG conference 2007 takes place at Microsoft Campus in Thames Valley Park in Reading. I’ll be speaking there about LINQ as well as WPF, and if you’re interested in Developer Express technology, this is the place to be because I’ll have a booth there and I’ll be ready to demonstrate all the products and answer all your questions. Looking forward to meeting you there!

I just got back yesterday from the Basta! conference in Germany. It was a great event, very busy for me but also lots of fun. My sessions all went very well and I had a great time talking to people at the Developer Express booth. Thanks to everybody who stopped by the booth or came to one of my sessions!

Here’s all the content from my sessions (if you attended Basta!, you should also receive a CD shortly with all the session slides and samples):