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I just saw this post in the DevExpress XPO forum: ASP.Net XpoDataSource with standard ASP.Net Repeater. Specifically, the question is how a simple setup with XPO and the standard ASP.NET Repeater can support paging. Now, the following setup may not be optimal in all cases, because it depends on an XPCollection and may therefore have more overhead than you’d optimally want. But I still wanted to start by documenting the built-in support, so here goes. (You can skip the following descriptions and just grab the sample from the bottom of this post if you want.)

In my web form, I have the following code:

Next week I’ll be in Mainz, Germany for Basta! Conference, the largest .NET event over there. Just like the past few years, I have been the Advisory Board member responsible for the C# Days. These are Tuesday and Wednesday, and I’m sure they’ll be great again. DevExpress are exhibiting at Basta!, and on each of the three main conference days (that’s Tuesday to Thursday), I will be at their booth at 1:30pm (13:30 for the Germanys 😃) to do a bit of a product presentation and, perhaps more importantly, give away licenses for DevExpress software! They’ve got their own blog post up about this event, here.

More good news: for the three DevExpress product training classes [LINK REMOVED] that I announced earlier this month, I have extended the early-bird signup period to August 31 2010. I got several emails from people who thought the period was a bit too short for their liking, seeing how it’s vacation time and their bosses aren’t there and so on… okay, I can see that. And since the dates are only in October, it seemed like a good move to give people more time. In turn – all of you sign up, okay? 😃

Good news: the locations for both the DXperience Silverlight [LINK REMOVED] and the DXperience ASP.NET [LINK REMOVED] training classes that I have announced for later this year are now fixed. (If you don’t know what DXperience is, but you are a .NET programmer, I suggest you go check out DevExpress’ brilliant component suites here!) I got to say, it was easy to do them both at once, because they’re in the same place:

I have just announced three new classes from my “Business Apps with DevExpress” series – Windows Forms, ASP.NET and Silverlight! You can find all the details here: Special early-bird pricing for all three classes is available until July 31st, so hurry and sign up!

I’m replying to a post in the DevExpress XPO forum, where the question came up of how to use joins with XPO/LINQ and projection. Unfortunately, the forum system mangled my code snippets, so I thought I’d put the info up here as well.

Emilio Garcia wrote: I trying to create a linq query to retrive some objects, this is the query:

listadoSesiones = from u in usuariosjoin s in sesiones on u.ObjId equals
s.UsuarioIdwhere s.Activa == true
orderby s.FechaInicio ascending
select new { u.NombreUsuario, u.NombreCompleto, s.FechaInicio, s.FechaFin };

I’m thinking of a class for Silverlight components, later this year. It would probably be a two or three day class, covering the process of creating a Silverlight application with the help of the DevExpress components on that platform.

Right now I’m trying to gauge interest in the topic. If you think you might be interested in such a class sometime between October and December 2010, please let me know! I’m also interested in finding out what locations in the world would be most useful to you, so please mention that. And if you think Silverlight is a waste of your time, or mine, that’ll also be worth a mention…

I found a forum post today about binding an XPO datasource to the DevExpress DXGrid control. I had posted about this on my DX blog before, but that is more than a year ago – things are moving along quickly, and this post is very likely going to be outdated again with 2010.1… but that’s life, isn’t it 😃

The first dates are now out for my new DevExpress training classes. You can find all the information here:

Business Apps with DXperience WinForms

Exciting news: About ten days ago, I left my job at DevExpress, in order to start providing training and consulting services. And guess what – my main focus is… DevExpress! So this is new. If you are interested, have a look at my new site: [LINK REMOVED].

For my consulting business, I am now also associated with Thinktecture, a really great company in Germany. Wow. It feels like there’s so much to say, but I’m done already. 😃