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At DevExpress, we frequently hear about issues customers have with our updates. I personally hear about these when I teach our training classes or meet customers at events. I felt like saying a few words about this and I decided to post them here rather than on the DevExpress blogs because they represent my personal opinion and advice – I wouldn’t say (or think) they would conflict with any “official” company line, if there was one on this, but I also didn’t want to risk the impression that my points and personal opinions form such a company line. When I say “we” in this post, I’m not implying that anybody else would have to share my opinions, it’s simply a shortcut for “myself and others at DevExpress”.

As you probably know, DevExpress releases major and minor updates. The major ones use the first two parts of the version number: 15.2 or 16.1. The minor updates use the third part, as in 15.2.4, 15.2.5. Major updates bring major new features and large changes, minor updates are bug fix releases only. Both types of updates can introduce breaking changes, though we try to keep this to an absolute minimum for minor updates – unfortunately, fixing buggy behavior can still be a breaking change!

I’m back – back with DevExpress, that is! Those of you who have followed this blog for more than three years will remember I used to work for DevExpress then. Starting right now, I’m working for them again. The topic is training. As you know, I’ve organized a lot of classroom training events in Europe and the US in the past years, and this is going to continue. All the classes will now be listed on the new DevExpress Training page, and the US events will be organized by DevExpress as well.

For Europe – if you’ve been in touch with John Martin in the past, who’s taken care of the logistics for my events in the past years, nothing will change for you. I hope these new arrangements will bring even better continuity to the events, with the US and Europe being covered equally for the most important topics!

It’s almost Christmas, but I’ve managed to complete a project I’ve been working on for a good while. DX Training is my new platform for video training courses on DevExpress products.

Just a quick heads-up: I just announced my first DevExpress XAF class in the USA, which will take place in Orlando, Florida, in January 2013. [LINK REMOVED]

Great news: In June 2012 I’ll do a five-day class on DevExpress eXpressApp Framework in Bad Ems, Germany. This class will be held in English language. For all the details about the class, please follow this link: Expert DevExpress XAF Bad Ems, Germany, June 2012 [LINK REMOVED]

A quick update on my recent announcement of the free DevExpress Day in Bad Ems, Germany - Seth Juarez, Technical Evangelist with DevExpress, will join us on the day. He’ll do some presentations around DXv2 and Reporting, and of course he’ll be available to answer all the questions you bring. Here’s the link again, if you missed it the first time: [LINK REMOVED] I hope I’ll see you there!

This I have just announced:

Free DevExpress Day – 25th February 2012 – Bad Ems, Germany

I have announced two new public classes for DevExpress technology for 2012 – well, at least for the first few months. They both take place at the well-known venue in Bad Ems, Germany, but they’re both targeted at an international audience and it’s very likely they’ll be held in English! (That’s unless only German attendees should be there.) Here you go (click the links for all the details [LINKS REMOVED]):

Expert DXperience ASP.NET – March 1-2 2012 (2 days) – Early bird pricing available until February 1st 2012!

I’m proud to have two separate announcements to make today!