CodeRush Electric Editing plugin

Okay, after a while of fiddling around with different blog posts for different versions, I thought it would be better if the plugin had a central page with the download links, and links to various posts on the details. So I’ll keep creating blog posts when new versions are released, but the plugin will “live” on this central page.


These are the downloads that are currently available. If you just want the latest and greatest, simply download the version on top of the list. For more information, see below. (22654 bytes), released 23/8/2011 6:35pm GMT (22657 bytes), released 4/3/2011 12:05pm GMT (22610 bytes), released 3/11/2010 10:30pm GMT (22817 bytes), released 1/10/2009 4:20pm GMT (22174 bytes), released 22/06/2006 3:47pm GMT (22244 bytes), released 5/08/2005 7:10pm GMT (22487 bytes), released 1/06/2005 5:35pm GMT (22200 bytes), released 31/05/2005 7:20pm GMT (18102 bytes), released 24/04/2005 11:30am GMT (17371 bytes)

Informational posts

And these are the blog posts I made about the plugin, in reverse chronological order:

Electric Editing compatibility update for CodeRush/DXCore 11.1.7
Electric Editing compatibility update for DXperience 10.2.5
Electric Editing now with VS 2010 support
New Electric Editing version compatible with DXCore 9.2.6
Electric Editing version – Compiled against CodeRush 2.0.1
Electric Editing version – Compiled against CodeRush 1.1.28
Electric Editing plugin 1.2 available – Introduction of delayed whitespace hinting and Emacs Scrolling
CodeRush Electric Editing plugin available – A few bug fixes in this release
CodeRush Electric Editing plugin 1.1.3 available – This was the first version that was tested with VS 2005 beta 2
Electric Editing plugin updated – This post has some screenshots of the options dialog and some explanations of the functionality
CodeRush Electric Editing plugin – This is the first announcement of the first public version