ANN: Training Class "Expert XPO"

The first ever public training class for DevExpress XPO is now available! Click here to see all the details! [LINK REMOVED]

January 27-28 2011 are the dates, the location will be London, UK (details will be announced as soons as possible), and sign-up is open right now [LINK REMOVED] with an early-bird discount available until November 30 2010.

In contrast to most of the other classes I’ve done on DX products so far, this is more than an introductory event. Of course, as you know if you’ve attended one of my other classes, things always mix up in the end – there are advanced questions and discussions in introductory classes, and XPO beginners are certainly welcome in this class. But because it’s specific to one product, the scope is the entire product functionality this time. If you use XPO, or you consider using it, here’s your chance to get all your questions answered!

I have been using XPO since it first became available, and in 2005 I started working at DevExpress as the Program Manager on the project, which was then just moving towards its version 2.0 (this ended up being 2006.1, I believe). I like to think that my input has helped shape some of the features that got into the product since then, and it is that background knowledge I have, coupled with the “real-world” project experience of using XPO myself and in customer projects, that I want to pass on in this class. I’m looking forward to it!

Here’s the summary text for the class:

This class is a deep dive into DevExpress eXpress Persistent Objects, short XPO. XPO is an object/relational mapping (ORM) tool with a brilliant feature set, lending itself equally well to small and large development projects. With its broad database and platform compatibility as well as support for new technologies like Silverlight and Azure, XPO is a valuable proposition for many scenarios that competing tools don’t cover. As the basis of the eXpressApp Framework (XAF) product, a business application framework also made by DevExpress, XPO has additional credibility. The class starts with the basics, but moves on quickly to advanced scenarios. As much as the two-day timeframe allows, no question about XPO shall remain unanswered!

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