Slides and Samples From My WinDays 2010 Talks

This time here are downloads of my slides and samples before the conference even takes place. In fact, they are up here although I’m not going to make it to the conference. It’s the ash… my hopes that my travel plans today would work out came to nothing, and unfortunately Croatia is a bit too far away from Scotland to just quickly drive down – especially considering the state of bookings with trains, hotels, ferries etc everywhere else! Meanwhile, the organizers at WinDays are of course extremely busy trying to find replacements for everybody and run a conference in spite of all the drop-outs. I wish them the best of luck, and the attendees a few days of great technical content! I hope I’ll be able to make it next year! Here are my slides and samples now, I hope you have a good time reading them and playing around with the code.

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