T-Mobile Huawei Stick *Does* Work on Snow Leopard

I blogged a while ago about my trouble with that mobile internet connection through my T-Mobile 3G stick. Now I’ve finally found a chance to try things out, and it turns out I got it to work! I installed a driver package I downloaded a while ago from Huawei, called MobileConnectDriver( After that, I had to unplug the stick, and I also had to make sure the device I was using for the connection was the right one. For some reason I had the devices mixed up – there are two made available by that driver, called HUAWEIMobile-Pcui and HUAWEIMobile-Modem, and I had to use the Modem one. My previous setup was using the Pcui one, but that may be a remnant of previous experiments. The rest of my setup (it’s just the “phone number”, which I set to *99# after some instructions I found online a long time ago) remains the same, and I’m now successfully online. Cool!

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