Mailman Url Host

Yet another “note to self” type post. I was just fumbling around with Mailman, and for some reason the web frontend was always redirecting me to, while I had been working on the options at For some other reason that I didn’t really look into, even though my server redirects to anyway, no changes were persisted that way. I was additionally confused because my configures the default url host to explicitly. I tried hacking around in the DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN, which has a %s placeholder, but when I took that out and replaced with directly, I got an error in the web frontend. After a while I found out that the url host is in fact configured with the list (not entirely sure what purpose this serves – seems to me like a per-machine config would suffice). More importantly, contrary to appearances the DEFAULT_URL_HOST set up in doesn’t seem to play any role in this whatsoever. Previously I had set up my new list like this:

> newlist

I fixed my problem now by configuring the url host explicitly on list creation:

> rmlist -a mylist
> newlist -u

Weird, but apparently necessary.

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