European Roundtrip Coming Up

I’m leaving tomorrow for a little roundtrip. First, on Friday, I’m doing a guest lecture about Functional Programming in C# at Campus 02 in Graz, Austria. From there I’m moving on to Slovenia (on Saturday, May 23rd), for NT Konferenca 2009. I’ll be doing two sessions there, on C# as well as F#. I’m also exhibiting for DevExpress – but of course, DevExpress related questions and conversations are always welcome anyway!

Finally I’ll be in The Hague from Wednesday 27th, for DevDays 2009. Three more sessions to do there, again on C# and F#. I’m also going to sit down with Marianne, Daniëlle, Sara, Mirjam and Sandra and record an interview for Sod This (my podcast – check it out!). Some of those girls have recently worked together to get the Women in Technology issue of the Dutch SDN Magazine out the door. Good work! If you read this and you think you should be on Sod This as well, talk to me! We’ve recently recorded a few interviews at TechEd in LA and I’m sure it’ll take a little while before we have time to release enough new episodes to go through all the material, but I’ll still take any opportunity I get to talk about interesting things to interesting people! (And of course, if all you want is to have a coffee or beer with me, or to bitch about something technology related, let me know anyway <g>.)

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