Bad Twitter Friends

@keithelder pointed me to a cool site a moment ago: Bad Twitter Friends It shows me something that I’ve been curious about in the past: which of the people I’m following don’t follow me back, and which of the people who are following me am I not following back. I’ve tried to answer that question before and couldn’t find a way to do it – but in contrast to @ldnStreetLife I didn’t start developing a solution 😃

My own “policy” is pretty much that I follow people back who I know personally. That doesn’t have to mean that we’ve met face to face, although it typically does. Since my memory for names isn’t always that great, I might well forget about meeting somebody – and of course some people use the funniest avatars for social networks, so that doesn’t always help. If you go to this page, you will see the list of people that I’m not currently following back. If you find yourself on that list and you’ve already started hating me for not recognizing you, please let me know! Tweets directed to @olivers usually reach me, although there might be the odd miss of course – feel free to send me email or leave a comment below. Here are those people who I remember meeting face to face, but who’re not following me back. Ha, now I got you! 😃 If you want to be removed from the list, just follow me back. Hm, okay, if you ask to be removed, I’ll remove you. Of course. All in good fun.


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