TechEd Done, NxtGenUG FEST 08 Is Next

I’m still in Orlando now, but later today I’ll be on a refreshing (?) flight back to the UK. TechEd was very good – lots of people very interested in DX products, we won loads of awards and had a good laugh about the Telerik guys 😉

Later this week I’ll be in Reading for the NxtGenUG FEST 08 event on June 12th. Hate to state the obvious, but it’s the 2008 incarnation of their yearly FEST event. A day of great speakers and sessions, the usual (well, usual for NxtGenUG standards – if you’re not familiar with it, be prepared to be amazed) assortment of swag, pizza and so on… It costs a bit of money for non-members of NxtGenUG, but it’s still quite a bargain at 49.99, and of course it’s free for members. Sign up is here, and there’s a G®eek dinner the night before. Originally it was planned to send Daniel Moth off to the states, but now I hear he can’t make it to the dinner… anyway, if you happen to be in Reading on the night of the 11th, sign up here and join us for the geek dinner! Right, that’s it – I have some sessions to prepare…

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