Vista Spooling/printing Delay - New Problems

I recently posted about this issue I was having with a weird delay when trying to print and I thought I’d found a solution to it. But now I’ve discovered that the solution was responsible for new problems… particularly when trying to print large files (not large by numbers of pages, but by content - big scanned images or things like that), I’m suddenly getting error messages every time about timeouts.

I haven’t spent too much time trying to fix this issue, but switching the printer port back to the RAW protocol provided an immediate workaround – the delay is back, but I can print whatever I want. Pretty interesting, as I’ve printed probably a hundred documents since I first switched to LPR. No idea where this comes from… I guess I’ll just switch the protocols selectively until I find time to hunt down a real solution. Update: I just noticed that even with the protocol set to RAW, it doesn’t work every time - it used to work just fine, no idea what happened…

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