DDD 5 Was a Blast

It happened last Saturday, and feedback from attendees as well as organizers seemed to indicate that it was another major success. I was pretty busy on the day myself. Ian and I did a double session on C# 3 and related features, which was received really well, although the presentation and demo gods weren’t smiling on us – we lost our merged slide deck overnight just before the event (Ian re-merged it just before the presentation), the main projector stopped working in the middle of one of Ian’s demos and VS crashed on him as well. Nevertheless, I think everybody was very much interested in the topics we presented and we got some very good feedback.

The other session I did was .NET 3 - The Game Challenge, and it went well. The session is really tight on time for a one hour slot, and with the bigger group of people attending it at DDD (compared to doing it for a user group, for instance) I found that with lots of questions being asked it was really hard to squeeze everything in. Still, it’s the sort of overview session that doesn’t really set out to make all attendees experts at the topic in an hour - I hope everybody will now go and have a look at WPF and WCF themselves. My sample sourced code can be found at the link above. So, where’s DDD 6? I hope to see you all there!

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