NxtGenUG Fest 07 Just Around the Corner

In case you haven’t heard about it before, the event takes place on May 23rd at Microsoft Thames Valley Park in Reading. Rafal Lukawiecki, who was voted best TechEd speaker for 7 years running, is the headline speaker. He does two sessions, and he’s joined by other interesting speakers like Lorna Brown from Microsoft Research, Mike Taulty and Daniel Moth from Microsoft’s development and platform group, and of course the NxtGenUG guys themselves, with John, Richard and Dave responsible for the keynote and the final gameshow and swag giveaway combination. I hesitate listing myself in the “other interesting speakers” category (must be a certain modesty creaping in <g>), but I am in fact speaking at the event myself, completing the lineup.

Developer Express is sponsoring the whole thing, so I’ll be there in professional capacity as well. I hope to see some of you there – feel free to stop by for a chat or a demo of something from DX! Here’s the link again to the page about the event, where you can register. It’s free if you’re a NxtGenUG member, otherwise it costs £59.99. I’m sure it’ll be worth it either way, for a day of interesting sessions, plus food, swag and the chance to win an XBOX 360. This event is not funded by Microsoft, so obviously there’s some cost to cover.

If you have any questions to the organizers, feel free to use this email: enquiries@nxtgenug.net

Finally: Another one of Zi Makki’s fantastic geek dinners is being organized for the evening before the event. Here’s the Wiki page to sign up. Looking forward to seeing you there as well!

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