BlogJet V2 - Mixed Results

Just upgraded BlogJet to version 2. Just looking at the application is quite a treat now – it’s just really pretty. At a glance, they also added made some important changes, like the fact that I can now switch between various blogs in the toolbar, as opposed to basically restarting the application like they did before. Gives me more confidence in the application, somehow.

At the same time, some important features I have requested in the past appear to be still missing. I’ll have to look up the details of my requests, but one thing I still can’t find is a way to add my own tags around elements… for instance, I have a custom tag for formatted code that I like to use, and it would be great to add it to a menu or use a keyboard shortcut for it instead of having to remember what it looks like and type it in manually. Seems like a very natural feature to me…

Since I originally bought version 1 about a year ago, this has also been the first update I have ever seen, minor or major. I just went ahead and paid the $20 for the upgrade. I remember that back when I reported some problems I was having, communications with the author was a bit slow as well, and as I can see, my ideas have not been used – I’ll try again now and see whether things are better with the new Coding Robots company. Otherwise I’m sorry to say I shall have a much closer look at Windows Live Writer, which I have so far avoided to support the 3rd party market.

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