Validity Checking Slides, Samples and Library

At the London .NET User Group, I did a session last Thursday about validity checking. This was based on a library I had written a rather long time ago, and I promised to make not only the slides and samples from the session, but also the library itself available for everyone to download. So here it is.

The slides, the samples and the library including source code

I’m releasing the library itself under the GNU Lesser General Public License, which basically means you can use it in your own applications without having to open source them as well. One important thing to note is that I used the UI control libraries from Developer Express for the UI parts of the library (but no, this wasn’t written while I was working for them, it was before that). I can’t help that now and I don’t think I’m going to take the time right now to change it – it’s definitely possible and not too much work, as UI elements are used only in a few parts of the application. But note that the actual validity checking parts of the library do not depend on anything but the standard .NET Framework! For testing purposes I’m making the following download available, which includes all the compiled assemblies and also the required Developer Express runtime assemblies. Note that this does not entitle you to deploy the Developer Express assemblies with your own products (or in any way, actually), you’ll have to buy a license to do that!

Compiled assemblies and DX runtime

Please feel free to ask any questions you have, either here or by sending me email. Have fun!

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