ORM in Real-World Applications at DDD 4? No, Not This time... Extensible LINQing Instead

One of my sessions has been selected for DDD 4, that much I’ve known for a few weeks. Problem was, I thought I’d lost the original notification email in a server crash, so for a while I couldn’t be 100% sure what that session was, given that I had submitted several sessions to the voting. Talking to a number of people, I passed on what I was pretty sure was the correct information, that the session in question was titled “Object/Relational Mapping in real-world applications”. Turns out several things were not quite right here… first, I hadn’t actually lost that email at all. It had originally been categorized as spam on my server and that’s where I had found it, but I had forgotten all about that in the excitement of the server crash. Second, while I found that email and I was able to confirm that it really mentioned the “ORM in real-world applications” session as the one that had been selected, that information was wrong nevertheless… apparently one of the DDD 4 organizers mixed something up there, and the session that has really been selected is “Extensible LINQing”. Good, that’s that. I still hope to see some of you in my session, even if it’s a different one 😃

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