Finalizing a DVD With Nero 7

Wow, it’s read-the-forums day for me today. I burnt an ISO image on a DVD, and for some reason apparently I forgot to finalize the disc…

Let me mention this right here: I’m one of those people who use their DVD burner sporadically, and I manage easily to forget every time about details like finalizaton – am I supposed to do it? Shouldn’t the disc be usable if I don’t do? I know I can leave it open if I want to add something, but that doesn’t make sense if the disc is then not usable, does it? Well well… I just don’t care enough to be able to remember next time, I know that now already.

Anyway, when I wanted to read the disc in Vista, it wasn’t prepared to do that, but rather wanted to create a new file system on the disc all the time. So I hunted around Nero trying to find the menu entry to finalize a disc, which isn’t there – why not? Oh well… I finally found these instructions, which work just fine, although they appear to be for an older version of Nero. Pretty intuitive once you know how it works, but regarding CDs and DVDs I’m one of those people who theoretically know what multi-session is all about, but who’ve pratically never once done anything with it. I’m sure I’ll forget again next time, and I hope I’ll remember reading my blog to find out what the problem is 😃

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