OneCare: Why Do I Have to Install Updates Automatically?

Another thing I don’t like about OneCare: it wants me to set automatic updates to the highest level, where they are automatically downloaded and installed. I don’t like to do that for a number of reasons – I just don’t want my computer trying to handle that kind of thing without me being there (and I have it running all day and night), and there are lots of situations during my workday when I just don’t want an automatic update to happen on my system. For example when I’m giving a presentation, or simply when I’m in the middle of work with 28 windows open and two virtual machines running. I understand Microsoft’s need to make the average user understand the necessity of regular updates, but showing everybody red status symbols all the time because they prefer to do things in their own time is not the way to go.

Right, as you can see, the other problem I posted about is also still there – I actually found an update to install today (MSXML or something), and there are several optional updates available right now for language packs I don’t need, but there’s no critical or security update anywhere to be found…

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