Boston for TechEd

So here I am in Boston, and this is the view out my window:

Well, that’s not what I came here for 😃

I had a good flight, tried Virgin Atlantic for the first time. They have a fantastic movie selection in their planes – but for some reason it takes them an hour after takeoff to finally switch it on, and there’s about another hour towards the end of the flight when it’s also off because “the flight attendants are preparing the cabin for the descent”. Apparently it’s a fact that airplane passengers can’t watch a movie (or listen to their iPod, for that matter) at the same time as sit down and wait for the plane to land. Hm. And of course it’s pretty unnerving that every time one of the flight attendants finds the need to tell the passengers something, they put it through to everybody on the headphones… quite an interesting effect on my Shure e2c’s, because they (the flight attendants) are always twice as loud as the movie. Anyway, good marks for Virgin… it was a nice flight, and even the food was pretty good.

Apparently I was in luck yesterday, as even the immigration people at Logan airport didn’t hold everything up as long as the last time I went through there. I actually made it to baggage claim before my bag 😃

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