Having a Good Time at SDC

I’m currently at the SDC in the Netherlands and I’m having a pretty good time demonstrating our tools and components to everybody. CodeRush and Refactor! are of course always popular, but I’ve also talked to people about (and actually demonstrated!) XPO, the eXpressApp Framework and any number of isolated problems with our various products. Mainly there’s a lot of praise, and somebody actually shook my hand in passing, saying “thank you for bringing Developer Express here”.

There are many people here who have some experience with Delphi (maybe it’s because David I is here, he might have brought them along 😃), but our .NET stuff is also interesting to most. Apparently there are many Delphi who have at least tried using Delphi for .NET, and many of those are pondering using C# as well, at least for a specific project. Mark Miller should be helping me here at the booth, but since he’s very badly prepared for the sessions he’s supposed to be doing, he’s off to the speakers’ room most of the time, preparing… or so he says. 😃 Oh and Guy, what was that score again?

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