iVI in ESC ^Yw$p LEFT rS

I didn’t know this: http://www.viemu.com/index.html I believe some people think I’m a pervert because I sometimes use VIM on Windows and I actually know how to edit stuff with that thing. Even worse, I think it’s a great little editor. But… well, it looks as if there are a lot of people crazier than me – they are using VI embedded in Visual Studio, and they pay $49.95 (excl. VAT, and only as an introductory offer) for the privilege. Count me out there… I think a little evolution every now and then is not a bad thing. And if you happen to work for NGEDIT Software: do you have a clue what a very important reason was for VI to become as popular as it did? Easy: it’s been either “just there” on all the Unix systems of the past, or it’s been free to get and install. Just something that comes to mind…

Update March 2008: Amazing - now it’s $79!

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