Windows Mobile 5: Why Does ActiveSync Kill My Settings?

I have this nice new i-mate SP5 phone, which runs Windows Mobile 5. My desktop PC, to which that phone is usually connected with ActiveSync, has the ISA Server firewall client installed and the proxy settings in Internet Explorer come from that client automatically. So far, so good. Now, as soon as I connect the phone to the computer, ActiveSync copies the settings for the proxies over to the phone and also resets the setting My desktop connects to (Start | Settings | Connections | Menu | Advanced | Menu | Options) to “Work”. This breaks my synchronisation, because the phone is supposed to synch to my Exchange server. If I delete the two proxy entries and set My desktop connects to to “The Internet”, everything is fine. But the next time I plug in the phone, the settings are overwritten again by ActiveSync. How do I tell ActiveSync to stop fiddling with the settings on my phone? Any ideas?

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