Windows Mobile 5: How Do I Set a Static IP for Wifi on My Smartphone?

My i-mate SP5 has WLAN, Wi-Fi, whatever you want to call it. It still runs the smartphone edition of Windows Mobile 5, where things are a bit different from the Pocket PC stuff, apparently. I can’t figure out a way to set a static IP for that WLAN connection. I guess I could probably go edit something in the registry, but so far I’m having a hard time believing there’s actually no way to do this via the normal user interface… I’m having much less of a hard time believing that I haven’t found it yet, because I remember that this setting was always pretty hard to find (last time I looked was on my iPaq running Windows Mobile 2003). Some things are pretty well hidden in Windows Mobile… it took me quite a while to find out where I could lock the keyboard (hit On/Off, then 4) or how to adjust the ring volume (edit the profile, not possible where you configure the ring tone).

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