So What Did I Do Today?

Snapper in action)

Sometimes you ask yourself what you did at a specific time of a specific day – those of us who ever worked as consultants or contractors of any kind know that situation. Only recently I found TimeSnapper, which is a great tool that takes regular snapshots of your desktop. It stores them away in a pretty well compressed format, so the archives don’t take up too much space. And it includes a nice browsing applet that lets you go back in time on a slider and shows you the snapshots taken around that time.

Today I remembered that I once knew a tool that could count keystrokes – just for the fun of it, to see how much one types in a day. I went to look for it and I found it: Gabe’s TypOmeter v2. And while I only remembered about the typing stuff, I found that it has been extended to collect an enormous amount of information, silently in the background while you work. It has a lot of statistics about the keys you type most often, the ones you mistype most often, which applications you used at which point in time and all kinds of things like this. If you look at the page, be sure to click on the detail links about the various features, it’s worth it.

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