IE2OneNote Alternative?

In Chris Pratley’s article The best ways to show OneNote to others, I found the idea of storing blog articles in OneNote. Somehow that never occurred to me 😃 So I thought I’d employ the IE2OneNote power toy to copy all my current articles to OneNote to start with. Several problems with this: first, the format of a web page is completely lost when doing that. The power toy simply dumps the textual context of a page, plus the images, into a OneNote page sequentially. Sometimes, I do use tables in my blog articles and I also use formatting for my code samples, so that’s really ugly. The second thing is, IE2OneNote hangs up Internet Explorer reliably when trying to send my article Simulating object properties with ITypedList and custom PropertyDescriptors to OneNote. Most other articles I tried don’t show that problem, I have no idea why this happens… Now, the question is, are there alternatives? Maybe even for Firefox instead of IE?

Update: I just found that part of the reason I’m losing formatting is that OneNote doesn’t support tables at all. Chris Kunicki has that on his list of 8 things he doesn’t like about OneNote.

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