Instant Gratification for Developers – Updated Plugin

Here’s the newest version of my Visual Studio plugin, built against DXCore version 10.1.7 and tested with VS 2010. The previous build had a problem getting the colors right in VS 2010 — that is fixed now.

Check out the original description here!

The instructions for use haven’t really changed much. Here they are again:

  • If you don’t have DXCore yet, download it here and install it: (oh yeah – it’s free!)

  • Download the plugin here: OS_CompilationResult-

  • Drop the plugin dll into this folder (adjust if your installation path is different, and of course insert your own username): C:users<me>DocumentsDevExpressIDE ToolsCommunityPlugIns

  • Restart Visual Studio

  • If you want to configure the lists of things the plugin says (or you even want to switch it off – what made me say that?), go to the Options dialog (DevExpress menu, Options) and find the page Hinting/Compilation Result

5 Comments on Instant Gratification for Developers – Updated Plugin

  1. I am having some troubles getting this updated version to work properly in VS2010. I have DXCore 10.2.6 installed. I was excited about having proper colors, and had a co-worker try it. He has the exact same issue.

    More information:
    If I have just in the plugins directory, the “assembly type” in the DXCore Plug-In Manager is “Unknown” and the plugin will not load. No Menu item in Hinting options.

    If I have just in the plugins directory, it behaves as expected. Assembly type is “Plugin”, status is Loaded, and plugin works fine (without proper colors).

    If I have Both and in the directory, they both show up as assembly type “Plugin” and they both have a loaded status. However, it seems as if only the is running (same behavior as just

    Is there anything else that I can try, or any more information I can provide?


  2. Hi Bill,

    My apologies for the trouble. I checked, and it seems that the file has either been incorrect from the start or otherwise got corrupted somehow at a later point. I re-uploaded the DLL file a moment ago and it should work correctly now.



  3. This is working perfectly now. Thank you very much for doing this. This is such a great plugin; I get people asking me about it all the time.

    As a side note (for anyone else that might be having problems), I did have to “unblock” this dll (and other plugins) so they would load properly. As this site mentions:


  4. I definitely like your plug-in and make use of this on a couple of of my blogs.


  5. I had the same DLL-blocking issue and was able to solve it as described above. But even with DevExpress having detected the DLL the build messages are not showing up. I’m using VS 2010, DXCore 11.1.8 and version of Instant Gratification.

    BTW, this AddIn is awesome, both for the funny factor but also because it allows me to do useful/fun stuff while waiting for boring long builds to finish…


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