Book Me While I’m There

Short-term help? Get to know me? Consulting and Training services for less?

I just had this idea: sometimes I find myself traveling to a certain area, and my time there doesn’t fit in perfectly with other commitments. So I end up with gaps in my schedule, which isn’t great. In such cases I’d like to fill the gaps, but just sitting back and waiting for a customer request that happens to fit with the time and the location doesn’t usually work very well. Yes, that’s an understatement 🙂

Here’s my idea now: on my new Book Me While I’m There page, I will list timeframes in my schedule where I find myself in a particular region, and I would like some additional work. If you think you’re close enough and you’d like to meet up with me one or more of the days listed on the page, let me know!

And since you’re helping me out, I’ll give you a discount on my daily rate, plus you probably save money on travel cost. Much easier this way to get me in just for one day, if you just want to get to know me etc. It’s meant to be a good deal for both sides!

Okay, now click this link and check out whether I’ll be close to you and you might want to Book Me While I’m There!

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