ANN: Training Class “Business Apps with DXperience Silverlight”

I have just opened registrations for a new training class in January 2011: Business Apps with DXperience Silverlight. You can find all the details here, with the exception of the location unfortunately — I’m working on that! I have ideas, but if you have certain preferences for the location, be sure to let me know!

Signing up is possible right now, and if you do so before November 30 2010, you can take advantage of an early bird discount.

Here’s the summary text for the class content:

This class provides an overview of the DevExpress DXperience for Silverlight suite of products. It takes you through the process of creating a business application, utilizing a typical combination of components throughout the product range. A good practical level of knowledge will be achieved that allows you to write similar business applications on your own, and to understand the DevExpress suite of Silverlight components well enough to flatten any further learning curve.

Since Silverlight is a new development platform, there will be some room in the class schedule for general platform development information. On the other hand, the timeframe of two days doesn’t allow for great detail in this regard, and the focus will remain firmly on the DevExpress technology for Silverlight.

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