Slides and samples from NTK 2010

I’m done! I had two presentations at NTK in Slovenia this year, on “dynamic” in C# 4.0, and the opposite end about creating dynamic APIs in C# using the DLR integration in .NET 4.0. It went very well — my rooms were not huge, but they were packed for both talks.

I have to say that NTK is a fun conference, and I hope I did my part for a good quality level of technical content. If you were there, thank you for attending!

Here are the slides and samples from my two talks:

Dynamic Consumption in C# 4.0

Dynamic C# 4.0 — The Provider Side


3 Comments on Slides and samples from NTK 2010

  1. I would like to thank you, the lectures you gave were excellent.

    I would just like to ask if you could give us the link to your VS plugin(“You’re the man”) for building projects 🙂

    Best Regards,


  2. Oliver, thanks again for the great class and of course for for your respected company on the afternoon / evening / night events. 🙂

    See you next year. Until then, enjoy te world!




  3. Hey Oliver,

    just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your lectures – by far the most interesting I’ve listened to at NTK 2010, even tho I don’t think we’ll be adopting C# 4 anytime soon, due to framework OS limitations. And it’s not just because you had the only level 400 lecture (I ask myself each time, why they don’t include more higher level lectures in NTK), I’ve enjoyed your relaxed and humorous remarks in the lecture too. I won’t send you an e-mail, since I’m sure you got spammed after that commercial anyway. 😀

    Kind regards,


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