Good and bad news: DevExpress XAF training class moved

The bad news (people always want that first, right?) is that my XAF training class, which was supposed to be late June in Bad Ems, Germany, had to be moved. And because the June date was just before the usual middle-of-the-year time where everybody is on vacation, I moved it to the week starting August 30th.

The location will change as well, it will be in the Netherlands. It’s going to be close to Amsterdam, but the precise location is still being confirmed.

The updated info is here: XAF Class

The good news is that there’s now more time for preparation of that class, which makes it possible to go with the imminent release 2010.1. Of course the general focus of the class doesn’t change, but the information is going to be more current this way!

Oh, and more good news — I have extended the early bird signup period for the class as well. Early bird pricing is now available until June 30.

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