Poll: IoC Containers for .NET

I’m interested — which IoC containers do people use for .NET? Or do they use any? I created a poll, quite small and very quick :), which should appear below. I’d appreciate your help!
Just in case the form doesn’t show up, here’s a separate link to it

Update: I had some requests to provide for an option “I’ve heard of this, but never tried it”. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow me to add columns to the grid with all the radio buttons — the five you get by default are also the maximum. I have added this as a separate question instead. Update update: Got one comment already suggesting to merge the last two questions by adding another column. Thanks.

Second update: If you’re just interested in the results, click here to access them directly.

Another update: Help attract more people to this poll — it becomes more significant that way. Click the badge and give this entry a kick. kick it on DotNetKicks.com (<- thanks for kicking, but we can always use a few more)

Final update: Unfortunately somebody started abusing the poll over the last night by rating everything as absolutely horrible. Google doesn't allow me any influence on blocking people selectively, installing anti-robot mechanisms or similar, so I don't see any alternative to closing the poll. In the source data spreadsheet, I can see where the abuse started, and I'll try to drop the fake information and provide a final summary of all the legit data that was collected.

Update after the final update: The poll is now closed because it was being abused, but I've collected a lot of opinions. Click here to see the results now!

Oh, and for the curious — this is what the poll looked like. DON'T FILL IT IN, IT'S CLOSED AND YOU CAN'T SUBMIT!!!

10 Comments on Poll: IoC Containers for .NET

  1. Gustavo Ringel // March 5, 2010 at 6:41 am // Reply

    Linfu is a dynamic proxy not an IoC container


  2. Hi Gustavo,

    There’s an image on this page: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cs/LinFuPart1.aspx

    I would say it shows that LinFu is a framework, and neither a dynamic proxy nor an IoC container. So it would have been better to specify “the Simple.IoC container from the LinFu project”, but there wasn’t enough room to do so – plus I was assuming everybody would be able to figure that out for themselves 🙂


  3. Mauricio Scheffer // March 5, 2010 at 2:54 pm // Reply

    Oliver, that’s a *really* old article (2007), but yes, LinFu has added IoC since then (in the LinFu.IoC project): http://code.google.com/p/linfu/source/browse/trunk/src/LinFu.IoC


  4. Jeremy Gray // March 5, 2010 at 5:52 pm // Reply

    There’s no way to rate one or more containers as being known but having been eliminated from the list of candidates for “rational reason”s without even having to try it/them. As much as I’d like to do so for one of the options, I can’t express that in this survey, however, because the closest choice is “Hate it for no rational reason” except that I don’t quite hate it and my reasons are completely rational.


  5. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree it’s not possible to put in that precise info. Unfortunately I can’t easily add it either – as explained above, the Google polling system is restricted to five columns in that grid it shows.

    I’m curious: can you give an example for the kind of rational reason you have in mind, that makes you dismiss a tool without trying it? One thing I can come up with is trust in somebody else who says it’s not worth the time – anything else?


  6. Philip Laureano // March 6, 2010 at 10:21 pm // Reply

    Hi Gustavo,

    LinFu does far more than create dynamic proxies. It has its own IOC container, and you can read the article here:


    It might not be the most popular container, but it’s definitely the most straightforward container that you will ever use.


  7. Okay, I started to fill this out then I realized there is nothing in between love and hate. I have heard of Spring but haven’t tried it, so I don’t know whether it is a “very good solution” or not, but I don’t hate it either (rationally or otherwise). Instead of blaming google why didn’t you put some more thought into the choices? Maybe (1) never heard of (2) heard of it but haven’t tried it (3) tried it but don’t like it (4) tried it an either use it or would consider using it (5) love it, it’s a very good solution.

    Instead the choices make it seem like you’re trying to sensationalize things (hey look, 60% of respondents hate X for no reason!!).


  8. It seems someone tampered the results because by now ALL IoC’s are voted to be overwhelmingly horrible. I don’t think that this is reliable data anymore. Please close it.


  9. Does Google allow any influence on blocking people selectively, installing anti-robot mechanisms or similar.


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