Training for DevExpress ASP.NET products, with … me!

I just realized that I haven’t actually blogged about this: the ASP.NET product training for DevExpress that I’m doing! The reason I forgot is that I’ve been extremely busy preparing all the content and all that — a work in progress for a long time now, but still a surprisingly great effort to get done.

Monday is the first training class in Leeuwenhorst in the Netherlands. Title: Business Applications with DXperience ASP.NET. When we first announced this (we’re partnering with John Martin’s Professional Developer Training) for the European events, the class sold out within a few days, so we decided immediately to put up more classes.

We announced four dates for January (and early February) 2010, and now we’re getting close to the point where the early bird registration timeframe runs out: until November 26th, you save €100!

So if you’re interested, follow this link to John’s site, where you can find all the info and even sign up (hint!). Even if you don’t want to come to the training classes, watch this space as well as my DevExpress blog for announcements of the roadshow afternoons that we’re going to do in Frankfurt and Paris.

1 Comment on Training for DevExpress ASP.NET products, with … me!

  1. This training class was the perfect kick start for me and my colleague to begin working with the DevExpress ASP.NET controls. Thanks to you and John, for two very focused, educational and fun days, where you made sure that everyone in the class got the full DXexperience.


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