Slides and samples from Basta 2009

Busy times at Basta in Germany: one workshop and one session down, two sessions and my brilliant game show to go!

Since the conference organizers typically take a little while to make the materials available themselves — hundreds of sessions, so that’s to be expected — here are the downloads for all my sessions here. I hope you’ll still come in and take a look 🙂

A day of F#
Die Zukunft von C#
Der Vorteil der Statik — Immutable Data
Concurrency using functional patterns in C#

Hope to see you at the Millionair game show Wednesday night, 8:45pm!

2 Comments on Slides and samples from Basta 2009

  1. Jürgen Schlag // September 24, 2009 at 3:51 pm // Reply

    Thanks for the slides and demo projects.

    Listening to your sessions was (again) a real pleasure!
    *thumbs up*

    I learned a lot about functional programming, and I am sure that this will be very useful for my work.


  2. Ding Dao Ping // October 17, 2009 at 10:39 pm // Reply

    I also leaned a lot about functional ploglamming – the slides whel vely usefull too.

    Ding Ping


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