Snow Leopard is here to stay, after all

Yesterday I wrote that I was going to roll back my Snow Leopard update today. I just wanted to post a quick update, because as things are, I’ve decided to stay on it.

The main reason is that I managed to fix my alpine build today. Turns out that a workaround had been included in the OS X dependent code parts of alpine, to account for the fact that Apple used to have PAM headers in include/pam instead of include/security, like all other systems do. In 10.6 this has been fixed, and so the workaround broke things. I created a patch, which is now in the process of being worked into the MacPorts distribution.

offlineimap is still not working, but at least I can now use alpine again to access my mail from the IMAP server directly. So I decided not to roll back Snow Leopard after all and just live with the occasional oddity a little while longer 🙂

1 Comment on Snow Leopard is here to stay, after all

  1. Obviously you are a mac user, and I was wondering your thoughts and opinions about google. Feel any threat to Apple with Google coming out with so many new ideas and products? Just curious.


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