WPF in VMWare is horrible…

… when hardware acceleration is switched on. Yeah, that’s weird, isn’t it? I’ve seen it several times on different machines though, including that one time when WPF was just killing my machine and I hunted around for the reason for two hours before remembering…

Part of the reason for this post. So, if WPF is running oddly slowly in your VM, try switching off the hardware acceleration setting. In VMWare Fusion on the Mac, you need to click on the Display icon in the settings window to find the Accelerate 3D Graphics setting. I know that other VMWare versions have the setting as well, but I’m not sure where exactly it is.

Every now and then I give this another try, because it seems so weird and I think perhaps they’re going to fix it one day. But as of today, this behavior is what it is on both my MacBook and my Mac Pro.

6 Comments on WPF in VMWare is horrible…

  1. WPF is based on DirectX 3D and DirectX 3D isn’t fully supported in Workstation, I guess the same is valid for Fusion. I also think (guess) that VMWare is working on the issue and they should fix it someday.


  2. Yep, same on my recent MacBook Unibody running the latest VMWare Fusion. The difference in performance is quite shocking, actually. I hope they fix this soon. Cheers, Daniel


  3. This is a bug in VMWare that has been fixed lately if I recall correctly (as MS contacted them about that as VS.net 2010 ran into this prob. ). Not sure if you have checked the latest version of your vmware tools?


  4. Hi Frans,

    Yes, I’ve tried the newest VMWare tools. But that’s interesting — I guess it may be that Fusion is once more not the first SKU to get that update. Something to check out when a new version of it comes along. Been waiting for that anyway, because the current latest still doesn’t officially support Windows 7.



  5. I did take a look at the latest Workstation (6.5.3) and it really works better in this regard but not everything is fixed – it still has quirks.


  6. I’m experience the same thing on a WPF animation, it’s flickering and now displaying properly

    My Setup : MacBook Pro + VM Ware Fusion 3.1 + Windows 7

    How can this be fixed ?

    I tried to untick the Accelerate 3D Graphics setting, but now the animation is super slow


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