Slides and Samples from Basta Spring 2009 sessions

Recently I was speaking at Basta Spring 2009 in Darmstadt in Germany. A very nice event – lots of interesting content, people and beer 🙂

As promised, here are the slides and samples I used in my sessions and my workshop. Some of the slides are in German, just in case you were thinking of grabbing them although you were not at Basta 🙂

Functional Programming in C# Deep Dive

C# 3.0 – Der Stand der Dinge

Die Zukunft von C#

Der Vorteil der Statik – Immutable Data

Concurrency using functional patterns in C#

Viel Spass damit!

4 Comments on Slides and Samples from Basta Spring 2009 sessions

  1. Hi Oliver!
    What publishing house is going to print your “Functional Programming in C#” book? Is it going to be some downloadable PDF [beta]version offered by them along with a printed version, like it is now offered for many books?



  2. Hi Vladimir,

    It’s going to be published by Wrox. Downloadable PDF – I don’t know, to be honest, guess I’m not quite at that stage yet.

    Out of curiosity – if you download books like that shortly before they come out, do you still go and buy them when you can?


  3. Hi Oliver,

    Most of PDF books I know came from Manning (, they are not free. Instead one can buy either a PDF, which is available in beta and then in a final version, or as printed book, or both. Other publishing houses, like O’Reilly and APress do it as well. I’m trying to read too many books simultaneously, but it’s so exciting to participate in a book creation, submit bugs and suggestions, etc! I believe that it helps book authors too, it’s hard for bugs to slip away, when so many users are reading.

    P.S. Two days ago I was on RockNUG ( session about Functional Programming in .NET, and Matthew Podwysocki said that someone is writing a book about functional programming in C#; that’s how I started to search and found your blog.


  4. Hi Vladimir,

    Yes, that PDF thing certainly sounds interesting. I’ll have to ask the Wrox guys about that.

    I guess Matt meant me when he said that, since I know that he’s going to be involved in the publishing process at some point.


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