Improvements to Barry’s book cover

Barry Dorrans is writing a book! Very cool – I thought I’d help him out a bit and make some minor modifications to the cover he’s currently using.


What do you think? Is it perhaps a bit too subtle? Ah well, just an idea. Let me know what you think (or Barry, of course)!

6 Comments on Improvements to Barry’s book cover

  1. LMAO – very funny 🙂


  2. Way better than the original. Barry should get some stickers done so he can paste them over the photo.


  3. A definite improvement!


  4. OK so that’s 4 people off the complimentary copy distribution list …


  5. I don’t get it? Which one is Barry?


  6. It’s a trick question, there are infact a set of four identical clones all called Barry. The pictures show Barry(II) and Barry(IV). FYI the book was authored by Barry(III). It is also the only logical explination of the general manic behaviour of said Dorrans.


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