Blog migrated

This blog has moved. It’s now using b2evolution instead of wordpress, it’s much nicer and cooler and of course sexier! Hm. Maybe not. Ah well…

Anyway, I hope everything works for you! I’ve made an effort to migrate the permanent links correctly, redirect the feed, and all sorts of other things. So hopefully you’ll not even notice (well, apart from this post of course). If you do notice something that’s wrong, please let me know!

2 Comments on Blog migrated

  1. Hi, Oliver,nice to see some new posts on your blog, especially posts about
    Basta Spring 2009 sessions, although they are in German 😉


  2. Yeah, it’s about time… I never had much time, but then the old system had some issues as well, which made it more difficult than it should be. Much happier now. Thanks for the comment!


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